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Ras Perez

Ras Perez

Born on the nature island of the Caribbean, Ras Perez became involved in music at a very early age. After years touring and recording in Dominica, Guadeloupe and Martinique ("Ebonites", "Black Machine", "Midnight Groovers"), Salt Lake City ("Irie Heights"), New York and Boston ("New Generation Band") he moved to Europe and spent five years in Paris ("Ragga Dub Force", "Sai Sai", "Ton Ton David"). In '93 Ras Perez took a trip to visit some friends in Berlin and has been there ever since. From there he formed "The Reggae Ambassadubs" and released his first solo CD, "Over The Hills" in 1996. Since then Ras Perez has compiled a few solo projects for release.


Widda Likle Smile

Widda Likkle Smile is Ras Perez's newest release. A blend of new and not so new rootical ideas set to music. Social commentary craftily blended with smooth sounds to guararntee the ultimate listening experience



She was born and raised in the East part of Berlin where she learned to play violin and studied other arts. Later she and her brother found a Rockband and performed in youth-clubs and street-parties. For her 18th birthday she received the CD "LKJ in Dub" as a present, fell in love with that music style and looked for musicians to play something similar with. After some engagements as backing vocalist with local Reggae groups, she met Ras Perez and joined "The Reggae Ambassadubs".


Ich kauf ein E

Ich kauf ein E is Jahnin's second Album. Roots reggae at its best in german.With the Ras Perez touch to round off what can be described as a rare and upllifting aural journey.Meditational medication.


the Dub Pilots
Jams an' Dubs

They came together to enjoy the real sense of Dub.....But who are these artists? A secret collaboration with the Dub Pilots soon will be out with some irie tunes. They´ll keep the vibes flowing...relax and enjoy.







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